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My name is Steven Paulsen and I am a speculative fiction writer and a non-fiction writer and editor. My fiction tends to be science fiction, fantasy or horror short stories, while my non-fiction includes essays, literary criticism, book reviews, author interviews, corporate writing and travel articles. My work has been published in a variety of books, magazines, journals and newspapers around the world. Here on my web site you can find information about my work and read samples of my stories, articles and interviews. If that's not enough, you can find out about my travels, look at my photo galleries and find out what I'm up to. Hope you enjoy your visit.


October 2014 - H.P. Lovecraft's Titanic Monstrosity Rises in Australia! I will be attending ARMAGEDDON at the Melbourne Showgrounds October 18/19th, 2014 to launch the exciting Australian Horror Anthology CTHULHU: DEEP DOWN UNDER. Come to the launch, find out about this massive, more than 500 page project, and its stunning 25 full-colour poster style illustrations of terror and suspense that will be available as SIGNED prints at Armageddon!

24 of the best writers of horror and fantasy in the country, and 25 amazing artists, are proud to launch a MONSTROUSLY HUGE collection of stories with an original introduction by world literary legend RAMSEY CAMPBELL! And a PROSE piece by legendary Australian singer songwriter STEVE KILBEY of THE CHURCH! This is also a crowdfunding event so please support the publication of this beautiful book at this link.

June 2014 - I am delighted to tell my friends and readers that I will have a short story collection coming out in 2015 in both print and ebook editions from a highly respected genre publisher. More news soon!

February 2014 - I am thrilled to have a story in the exciting Australian Horror Anthology CTHULHU: DEEP DOWN UNDER. It contains hundreds of pages of superb storytelling by 24 of the best Australian genre writers, backed by 24 brilliant artists producing amazing full colour plates for the book.

April 2012 - It looks like the 1996 William Atheling Jr. Award winning article “A History of Australian Horror”, which I co-wrote with Sean McMullen and Bill Congreve, is going to be republished in a forthcoming book. The article was originally published in the sadly now defunct American magazine, The Scream Factory, and an updated version was later presented as the end piece for the ground-breaking Bonescribes anthology. More news to come.

April 2012 - Paroxysm Press just announced: "100 Lightnings has been one LONG TERM project but the wait will be more than worth it. Its in the editing and cover work stage right now. Stephen Studach is a perfectionist and as per the title of his Paroxysm Press novella – this anthology is guaranteed as a ‘A Thing of Beauty’. So please be patient readers (and especially writers). 100 Lightnings will also mark the first Paroxysm Press book that is released in both hardcopy and e-book at the same time."

June 2011 - I attended Continuum 7 over the Queen's Birthday long weekend where I met David Witteveen and Jason Nahrung, both cool writers, and got to hang out with a lot of old friends and talk books and writing.

January 2011 - My story "Two Tomorrow" has also been selected by editor Stephen Studach for inclusion the Paroxysm press flash fiction anthology 100 Lightnings.

September 2010 - My story "Logic Loop" has been selected by editor Stephen Studach for inclusion the Paroxysm press flash fiction anthology 100 Lightnings.

September 2010 - I attended Aussiecon IV, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention in my home town of Melbourne, Australia in September. It was great to catch up with old friends, writers, editors and book-lovers that I had not seen for some time. I was delighted to be there to see Shaun Tan, who illustrated my children's book, The Stray Cat, win the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist.

With Shaun Tan (and his Hugo Award)

Me with Terry Dowling after the Hugos

With Leigh Blackmore at the con

June 2010 - I finished the Cthuhu Mythos short story that I began back in January, except now it's a 10,000 word novelette. I'll let it sit in a drawer for a while before I give it a final re-read and start to look for a home for it.

March 2010 - Both "Logic Loop" and "Two Tomorrow" have made the short list for proposed "flash fiction" anthology, but the editor has informed me it will be some time before he makes the final cut.

February 2010 - Submitted the short stories "Logic Loop" and "Two Tomorrow" to a proposed "flash fiction" anthology. Hopefully one will be successful.

January 2010 - Started a new Cthulhu Mythos short story based in part on “Travels in India” (1845) by Captain Leopold von Orlich, translated by H. Evans Lloyd, ESQ. This is the first time I have used another writer's work as the basis of a story and it will be interesting to see if I can meld my characters and plot, plus my own experiences in India, with some of the settings and experiences in this antiquated journal and craft them into a viable story.

02/05/09 - Short and Twisted book launch was held on May 2nd, 2009.

05/01/09 - "Severing Ties" selected for Short and Twisted anthology.

"Severing Ties", a short story written in collaboration with Maurice Xanthos, has been selected by Kathryn Duncan for inclusion in Short and Twisted 2009, an anthology of short stories and poetry with a twist to be published this year by Celapene Press.

09/08/08 - New article on John Brosnan's pseudonymous horror novels

Benjamin Szumskyj has accepted an article from me on the pseudonymous horror novels of John Brosnan for inclusion in Studies in Australian Weird Fiction Volume 3. The piece is based on an earlier essay published in Bloodsongs #3 in 1994, but has been completely rewritten to bring it up to date and correct some errors and omissions contained in the original article. Sadly, John Brosnan has now passed away but hopefully this piece will honour his memory and revive interest in his wonderful tongue-in-cheek horror novels.

11/05/08 - The Cthulhu Cycle Reaches a New High

xxxA correspondent contacted me after trying to buy a copy of The Cthulhu Cycle on Abebooks last week. He was shocked to learn that copies are not only in scarce supply, but also hideously expensive. In fact this week the price of the book on the second hand market reached a new high with a Californian bookseller asking a huge US$250.00! A second copy was on offer from a Florida bookseller for US$141.65. Strangely, a third copy autographed by the editor was available from another Californian bookseller for a mere US$30. Not sure what conclusion to draw from that.  :-)

10/03/08 - Pirated Books!

I recently discovered there are now two unauthorized foreign language editions of the award winning Chaosium anthology The Cthulhu Cycle which contains my story "In the light of the Lamp". According to the book's editor, Robert M Price, neither he nor any of the contributors have ever received any payment for these books.

The first of these editions appeared in the late 1990s when the now defunct French publisher Oriflam produced an unauthorized French language version titled, Le Cycle de Cthulhu. Chaosium apparently took action and the French publisher subsequently withdrew the book.

But now I find that a Spanish language edition, called La Saga de Cthulhu, was published by La Factoria de Ideas in 2006. Apparently neither Chaosium nor Price had any knowledge of this book. In fact a mutual friend brought it to Price's attention after I purchased a copy via Abe Books!

Amusingly, an extract from my story appears in Spanish on cyberdark.net advertising the book, except that they spelled my name wrong...

xxx    xxx

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Septmber 2012 - Ballarat Writer's Festival

I attended the Ballarat Writers and Illustrators Festival at the Ballarat Mechanic's Institute on Saturday September 1 and Sunday September 2 2012. This is the only Victorian festival to focus exclusively on children's and young adult literature, and the theme in 2012 was "Writing and Illustrating the Digital Age". The festival opened with a keynote speak by Eva Mills (Associate Publisher at Allen and Unwin) and featured panels with 27 authors, illustrators, editors and publishers. It was a fantastic 'intimate' event, with the ability to speak one on one with participants. We also had a heritage tour of the remarkable Ballarat Mechanic's Institute with its catacombs and amazing library!

March 2010 - Kerala, India

In March I managed to spend some time relaxing and writing in Kerala, south-western India. I cruised the tropical Kerala backwaters on a houseboat and visited Lighthouse Beach at Kovalam, learning first hand why National Geographic Traveler magazine named Kerala one of the "ten paradises of the world" and "50 places of a lifetime".

February 2010 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

This year my son and I were fortunate to be able to work as volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park north of Chiang Mai in Thailand. It was an amazing experience. Not only did we have a wonderful time, but we had the satisfaction of knowing we had contributed towards helping save these beautiful creatures. We learned about the plight of the domestic elephant in Thailand and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the elephants in the herd in ways we had never imagined!

November 2009 - Zhouzhuang, China

Zhouzhuang is an ancient village in Jiangsu province, some 30 km southeast of Suzhou. Tourist brochures call Zhouzhuang the "Venice of the East" because the Ming and Qing Dynasty stone houses are built around a series of interconnecting canals and lakes. While there we had lunch in a tea house where I dined on a local delicacy called Wansan pork leg. The pork is stewed in soy sauce over a slow fire which makes the meat so tender it virtually falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. Absoloutely delicious!

March 2008 - Hangzhou, China

I visited Hangzhou in the Yangtze River Delta in China for the first time in March 2008 and was impressed by its beauty and cultural heritage. Marco Polo famously said of Hangzhou that it was "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest [city] in the world." Among other things I was fortunate to be able to visit the famous West Lake and the Lingyin Temple with its Feilai Feng grottos. I also enjoyed drinking Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea) at a small Ma and Pa tea house in Xi Hu Longjing Village.



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