Steven Paulsen

I am a speculative fiction writer and a non-fiction writer and editor. My fiction tends to be science fiction, fantasy or horror, while my non-fiction includes essays, literary criticism, book reviews, author interviews, corporate writing and travel articles.

My work has been published in a variety of books, magazines, journals and newspapers around the world. Here on my web site you can find information about my work and read samples of my stories, articles and interviews. You can also find out about my travels, look at my photo galleries and find out what I’m up to. Hope you enjoy your visit.


An overview of my writing and editing in the SF field can be found on the eidolon.net site: Steven Paulsen Biography.

For those of you wanting the ten-second version here’s a mini bio from the Aussiecon 3 Souvenir Book (edited by Marc Ortlieb) for the 57th World Science Fiction Convention: “Melbourne writer Steven Paulsen has an encyclopedic knowledge of Australian science fiction and, when he’s not writing the stuff he’s writing about it. He was an assistant editor for the Melbourne University Press’s Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction and wrote the children’s book The Stray Cat, which has seen several foreign language versions.”

Here are a few other things about me…

I was born in Melbourne in 1955 and I have loved reading and writing as far back as I can remember.

When not reading and writing I have worked as:

  • Paperboy
  • Retail shop assistant
  • Nurseryman
  • Barman
  • Cellarman
  • Storeman
  • Steel-fixer
  • Laborer
  • Salesman
  • Cleaner
  • Process worker
  • Fitter and turner
  • Toolmaker
  • Maintenance fitter
  • Industrial engineer
  • Quality control
  • Cost accountant
  • Production Planner
  • Milk bar proprietor
  • Caravan park proprietor
  • Computer operator
  • Software tester
  • Programmer
  • Teacher/Trainer
  • Systems analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Project manager
  • Program manager
  • Delivery manager
  • Consultant