Asia Overland Links

Asia Overland Links

Overland to India – A site dedicated to overlanding by Derek Amey who drove the Asia Overland route for Swagman Tours between 1973 and 1977. Here you will find not only Derek’s own account and photographs of his Overland journeys, but also information on all the overland operators, growing lists of passengers and crew, and an Overland Forum where people post on a variety of overlanding topics. There is even a selection of low price overlanding DVDs Derek has produced from a variety of old film sources. Highly recommended.

Road to Goa – Just like the man says, this This website is all about the overland buses that shuttled between Europe and India during the 1960’s and 70’s. Jonathan D. Benyon the site creator say: ‘I operated my own travel service 1971-1979 and over the following pages there are tales and photos that I took on those trips.’

The Anglo Australian Comfortable Coach Company – History, reunion and memorial site for the AACCC overland bus company by former driver Nick Whetstone. Includes an excellent overview of overlanding, accounts of journeys, photos. Whetstone says: ‘The Anglo Australian Comfortable Coach Company was one of many organizations providing overland travel between London and Kathmandu, Nepal during the 1970’s. This site aims to provide a record of the tours operated by the AACCC. It will also be a means by which all the hundreds of passengers it carried can relive their experience and get in touch with those that they shared their trip(s) with.’

India Overland – The introduction says: ‘This site is dedicated to the ‘overlander’ and his vehicle! Visa’s, permits, equipment, the dreaded ‘Carnet du Passage’, route, ferries, its all made simple at… India Overland!’ A guide for those wishing to travel the Asia overland route independently with their own vehicle. Includes photo galleries of journey.

London to Sydney Overland Expedition – A 1998-1999 charity expedition that traveled from London to Sydney with two Landrovers and an ultra-light plane. Includes details of the route and a diary of the journey.

Mike Newman’s Around the World – Inspired by a travel article, Mike Newman quit his job and headed off on a trip around the world, starting with a 1977 Exodus Expeditions overland journey from London to Kathmandu. ). Read about his adventures on this site.

A Diary of my overland journey from England to Australia – A record of Steven Abrams’ 1968 – 1971 journey hitchhiking the Asia overland route, compiled from letters and a diary he kept at the time.

The Hippie Trail – Erik Pontoppidan traveled the Hippie Trail by public transport from Copenhagen Central Station to Kathmandu in 1969. His site is made up of a photo gallery story about his overland journey.

Overlanding 101 – A site by ex overlanding mechanic and expedition leader Mark Fittall who takes a ‘wry look’ at overlanding from an insider’s perspective. Includes photos and a link to his book Overlanding 101 which takes “a wry look at what to expect when doing an organized overland, from types of people who do it to examples of what can happen en-route.”

Overland to AustraliaJournal of a bus trip from London to Kathmandu then by plane and train to Sydney in November 1970/January 1971. Includes photos.

The Ultimate Trip – An essay on the overland phenomenon for the National Library of Australia by Agnieszka Sobocinska, a PhD history student at the University of Sydney whose research traces Australian travel to Asia from 1939 to 2005.

Following the Hippie Trail to India – A site about overlanding by Rory MacLean, author of Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India, which includes journals and photographs.