Pirated Books!


I recently discovered there are now two unauthorized foreign language editions of the award winning Chaosium anthology The Cthulhu Cycle which contains my story “In the light of the Lamp”. According to the book’s editor, Robert M Price, neither he nor any of the contributors have ever received any payment for these books.

The first of these editions appeared in the late 1990s when the now defunct French publisher Oriflam produced an unauthorized French language version titled, Le Cycle de Cthulhu. Chaosium apparently took action and the French publisher subsequently withdrew the book.

But now I find that a Spanish language edition, called La Saga de Cthulhu, was published by La Factoria de Ideas in 2006. Apparently neither Chaosium nor Price had any knowledge of this book. In fact a mutual friend brought it to Price’s attention after I purchased a copy via Abe Books!

Amusingly, an extract from my story appears in Spanish on cyberdark.net advertising the book, except that they spelled my name wrong