A Touch of Terrors with Uncle Charles

Uncle Charles (aka Chuck McKenzie) does a fabulous spooky reading of my story “In the Light of the Lamp” on his YouTube channel “A Touch of Terrors“. This story originally appeared in Terror Australis (ed. Leigh Blackmore), Hodder & Stoughton, my first mass market paperback publication back in 1993.

In addition to my story, he reads lots of other horror stories by some fantastic writers, old and new, on “A Touch of Terrors“. Here’s the introduction to his channel:

Hello children. Uncle Charles here, with another…dreadtime story for you. Are we all tucked up comfortably? Feet up and under the covers, away from whatever lurks beneath the bed? Excellent. Then we’ll begin. Maybe a classic horror tale? A modern masterpiece of the macabre? Whatever tonight’s selection may be, we do hope it brings you…unpleasant dreams.

And here’s my story, I hope you enjoy it:

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